Herbal Tobacco, Le Classique Herbal Smoke Blend (QUIT) 100% Nicotine Free, Can Be Smoked, Vape Or Pipes 35g

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The Long-awaited Herbal Smokes are here! 

Are you looking to quit smoking or gradually replace your real tobacco with Herbal smokes? Are you interested in saving money and improve your health? Then Looking no further, our Herbal tobacco will make it easier to cut down on how many Cigarette you smoke daily.

  • QUIT herbal smoke blend is crafted to help you gently eliminate nicotine.
  • Each contains eleven variety of exotic herbs from around the world. it can be smoke on its own or mix with your own Herb/tobacco.
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Our Herbal tobacco is a Non addictive, tobacco free and nicotine free. This Herbal blend is free of nicotine and contain no addictive ingredients so there is no risk of developing a long-term chemical dependency.

It smokes like tobacco and gives a satisfying feel. (QUIT) is made with 90% herbs and 10% flower such marigold flower and lavender this give wonderful floral aroma.

·        This will make an excellent gift for friend and family

Each Tin of this herbal smoke contains eleven different types of Organic herb, soothing uplifting and won’t make you cough. Take a journey back to the time of peace, love and happiness with this delicious, uplifting, floral herbal smoke and vaporizer blend.

Ingredients, Gotu Kola , Mullein , Lobelia Spearmint, Uva Uris, Damiana, Skullcap, Motherwort, Mugwort and Hops, Passion Flower, & Lavender Flower  Historically the roots or dried leaves are smoked by natives around the world. To treat asthma.

  • Time to kick your bad romance with nicotine! Quite enhances mood, concentration, counters nicotine withdrawal and relieves respiratory strain. Reduce tobacco use or QUIT commercial cigarettes and its dangers for good.
  • Recommended usage
  • VAPE in a dry herb vaporiser SMOKE in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll mix QUIT with a small Amount of tobacco for strong nicotine craving. our other herbal blends like CALM or RELAX can be used at different Times of the day to achieve relaxation.

VAPE in a dry herb vaporiser at 258°F to 303°F
SMOKE in a Ceremonial Pipe or Herbal Roll

SOAK in a restorative Face, Foot or Body Bath

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