Herbal Tobacco, Le Classique Herbal Smoke Blend (QUIT) 100% Nicotine Free, The King-size tubes

£14.00 £22.00

The Long-awaited Herbal Smokes are here! 

Are you looking to quit smoking or gradually replace your real tobacco with Herbal smokes? Are you interested in saving money and improve your health? Then Looking no further, our Herbal tobacco will make it easier to cut down on how many Cigarette you smoke daily.

  • QUIT herbal organic smoke blend is crafted to help you gently eliminate nicotine.
  • Each contains eleven variety of exotic herbs from around the world. Our herbal tobacco is rolled in a OCB Eco-Tubes - unbleached cigarette tubes with biodegradable filter for an eco-friendly smoking experience! 

    The King-size tubes are 84 mm long in total and easy to fill with a common filling device. 
    The filter measures 15 mm in length and 8 mm in diameter. 
    The fibres of the filter consist of pure cellulose from FSC certified trees. 
    Cigarette paper and filter are unbleached and completely biodegradable. They decompose naturally, so that the environmental impact is as low as possible. 
  • This blend is a great social smoke, but it very nice to experience it alone, in intimate settings or in groups of friends. Aphrodisiac properties vary.

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