ILADIAN INTIMA Gel 30g Thrush Bacterial Vaginosis restores the natural pH (due to its acidic pH approx. 4.0)

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  • Gel Iladian Intima reduces nuisance arising due to irritation or infection of the vagina (bacterial or fungal). It operates a subsidiary in the treatment of symptoms associated with diseases pubic area. You can also use the preparation to restore the natural pH of the mucous membrane or inhibit the formation of yeast, if you use oral antibiotic treatment.


  • It is often used by women who: attend the swimming pool, they travel a lot or enjoy the sauna and solarium
  • It can be used preventively and as an aid in the fight against infections vulva and vagina in women.
  • Iladian Intima restores the natural pH (due to its acidic pH approx. 4.0) and thus reduces the formation and development of microorganisms that cause infections of the pubic area. 
  • It also reduces odour, burning and itching, which arose as a result of the disease. In this way, discomfort when the infection becomes smaller.


  • Gel moisturizes the mucosa and prevents dryness. 
  • It also protects the intimate parts against abrasions and minor injuries, thus preventing the formation of new infections.
Weight: 30g 

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