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Frequently Asked Question!

I no longer have my voucher code. Can I request this again?

One of our employees can have a voucher code sent to you again. To do this, write us a brief message using our "Contact form". We will then send you a voucher code without delay.

Do you sell authentic Kaneka Ubiquinol?

we only use pure, 100 % natural Q10 of the highest quality (KANEKA Ubiquinol™), produced through yeast fermentation; it is absolutely identical to the Q10 produced in the body

our product genuine Kaneka made in USA

pure encapsulation in an oxygen controlled environment

How can I replace a defective, damaged or incorrect product?

We are very sorry should you have received a defective, damaged or simply the wrong send and an email with a picture of the item. We be very happy to replace or refund.all we want is your utmost satisfaction.

Do you store my card details?

No we do not see or store your card details, any purchase with a credit card goes directly to our Barclay card payment processor.

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