How Kaneka Manufactures Super-Premium CoQ10 Ingredients



Following is an overview of the way in which Kaneka makes its Ubiquinol ingredients.

  1. Kaneka’s Ubiquinol ingredients begin with a proprietary, non-GMO yeast strain optimized over the last 30 years.
  2. Inside Kaneka’s laboratory, a small amount of Ubiquinol “broth” is made by microbial fermentation.
  3. Once cultivated and tested in the lab, the broth is placed into fermentation vessels that brew and grow the volume of CoQ10 much like beer or wine.
  4. Finally, the Ubiquinol is extracted from the fermented liquid and then purified, crystallized and dried before the powder is sifted and packaged.

All of Kaneka’s Ubiquinol ingredients are produced in Takasago, Japan or Houston, Texas. All material is subject to in-process controls and other quality control procedures, including analytical testing of samples and filtrations/screenings. Every lot is tested by an on-site laboratory to assure it meets final product specifications. The documentation, process controls and quality control testing results are reviewed and confirmed for each lot before product is released for distribution. Today, more than 200 nutritional supplement brand holders trust Kaneka for its super-premium Ubiquinol ingredients.