Ubiquinol for Heart Health

Caring for Your Heart with Ubiquinol


Cardiovascular diseases cause 1.9 million death per year in the EU – and cost almost 200 billion EUR per year in Europe.

Ubiquinol is required for at least 95 percent of your cellular energy production and is found in every cell in your body. The highest concentration is found in your heart, and promotes optimal cardiovascular health. A recent 10-year study found Ubiquinol supports weak hearts and helped reduce patient’s symptoms[1]. Published in the prestigious Journal of the American College of Cardiology (2014), the study found supplementation with CoQ10 significantly reduced mortality in patients with a failing heart by 43 percent.

Your heart health is vital for life and you can take care of it with preventative measures as well as if you already have a heart condition.

Prevention is the best cure and cardiovascular health requires multiple approaches – in diet, lifestyle and medical care.

Everyone can work towards better heart health by following these steps:

Ubiquinol has been proven to help maintain healthy LDL cholesterol levels in healthy people.

Supplement with Ubiquinol

Numerous studies have shown that Ubiquinol (the active form of CoQ10) can help the heart and blood vessels in a number of ways.

Ubiquinol has been shown to increase the heart’s ejection fraction which is a measurement of the heart’s strength.

Cardiovascular disease (disease of the heart or blood vessels) is one of the largest health problems and a major cause of death in Europe.

Research shows there are strong links between Ubiquinol consumption and good heart health.

Ubiquinol may even help to support people who already have CVD.

Reduced Adverse Heart Events (Study)

A significant long-term study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found supplementation with CoQ10 significantly reduced adverse heart events like heart attacks by 43 percent.

The Q-Symbio study is one of the first long-term, international studies to show that CoQ10 improves symptoms and reduces major cardiovascular events.

The study found CoQ10 improved patients’ symptoms.

After two years of treatment, patients showed 43 percent fewer heart-related complications among the CoQ10-treated participants, including hospitalisation due to worsening of heart failure.

Increased Heart Strength (study)

In another study with patients with advanced congestive heart failure, Ubiquinol increased the strength of heart and its ability to pump blood by up to 17 percent.

Healthy people usually have ejection fraction rates of 55 to 70 percent, while patients in this study had less than 35 percent.

Researchers found Ubiquinol significantly boosted the heart ejection fraction ability in some cases by up to triple with significant improvement in quality of life. Also, other study showed that Ubiquinol had a positive impact on lowering LDL cholesterol and on the anti-inflammatory reaction