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Why Climax Control Testosterone Booster is better than Chemical Sex Enhancer?

While getting intimate with your partner, you want to satisfy yourself and your partner as well
of course. And everyone wants to feel like you are taking a huge lungful of fresh air after
finishing the business.

But there are a lot of factors which can stop you to enjoy that relish
moment. These factors can hit you naturally with the hike of age or artificially due to your
lifestyle or your diet or some addictions. Here are some examples of those factors so that you
can relate that which thing is resisting your soul not to enjoy this activity to the fulles.

Factors affecting sexual activity:

The main and the natural factor is aging. Obviously, by the increase of age, the body becomes
weak, the blood production decrease which in turn decreases the blood volume. This leads to
erectile dysfunction and does not allows you to get sexually involved with your partner. Other
factors include the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

These also decrease the blood flow
towards the sexual organ and the whole functionality of your organ is fully dependent on the
blood flow. Long-term consumption of such things makes your Central Nervous System blunt
and the sensitivity of most of your body decreases. Psychological issues, neural damage,
medications, stress, depression also affect your sexual health very adversely.

Sexual boosters:

Persons suffering from such conditions need to take the edge of such medications which
enhance their strictness and allows them to get appreciation from their partner for not being
punctual. All sexual boosters work on the same principle. They directly act on the muscles of
the sexual organ as nitric oxides which allow muscles to relax and this relaxation leads to
increase blood flow.

And as described above the blood flow is the trendsetter in this game. But
these medications not only show its positive effect but also produces some negative effects
too. And that’s what this is all about that what kind of products shows side effects which are
harmful to the body and which product should be encouraged to use in such conditions. Here is
the composition of natural testosterone booster with no side effects and chemically
synthesized sex enhancers e.g Viagra, Kamagra, etc.

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Natural Testosterone Booster:

This supplement is prepared with naturally available herbs and plants extracts which contain
the property of enhancing sexual activity and allows you to attain satisfaction for both of you.
You can catch up on this after acknowledging the ingredients.

Pine Pollen shell wall is broken extract: According to the researches, 10 gm of pine pollens
contain 0.8 micrograms of testosterone. And in addition to this pine pollen extracts also has
anti-aging properties and increase stamina and strength without imposing any side effect on
the body.
Muira Puama tree extract: The male sexual organ needs a stimulus to get aroused and attains
its strictness. Muira Pauma wood extract works as a stimulant and causes rigidity.
Damiana (bark): Damiana is used anciently as a nervous system controller like depression,
anxiety which greatly affects sexuality. Damania wood is currently used to increase sexual
desires but back in the day, it was used to treat constipation, bedwetting, depression, etc.
Korean red Ginseng extract: Researchers failed to prove that Korean Red Ginseng extract is
effective to treat menopause but later it shows some drastic results in enhancing sexual activity
in females.

Catuaba tree extract: Catuaba is used to treat a lot of conditions. It lowers the blood pressure
which in turn provides the desired blood flow to the penile area. It is also used to treat
nervousness, fatigue, mental stress. And these all conditions are not good for sexual health that
why these need to be cured.

Saw palmetto extract: A lot of journals published about the palmetto herb which improves the
sex drive in a lot of males and also cures erectile dysfunction.
Other natural ingredients effective in improving sexual health:

Tribulus Terrestris extract, Bioperine Extract, Semen Ali Tuberose extract, Cao yang hui extract,
Chinese wolf Berry extract, Gingko leaf extract, Peruvian (Maca Root, Magnesium stearate,
these are other ingredients used for the composition of natural testosterone booster. The
biggest motivation for the manufacturing of this supplement is to get rid of the side effects that
occur by using other chemically synthesized sex enhancers like Viagra. You can better compare
both of these supplements by knowing the composition of a chemically synthesized product.

Composition of Chemical Supplements:

The API ( Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) used in Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate but there are
other inactive substances added along with are microcrystalline cellulose, anhydrous dibasic
calcium phosphate, FD & C Blue #2 aluminum lake. croscarmellose sodium, magnesium
stearate, lactose, triacetin, hypromellose, titanium dioxide. None of these mentioned
ingredients are naturally occurring. All of these are synthesized artificially in laboratories. Even
though they also perform the same function as the Natural testosterone booster does but the

main question is how to reduce the side effects that occur by using such chemicals. Because
Viagra-like chemicals show a lot of side effects. Some of them are listed as:
Side effects:
Long-term use of Viagra causes convulsions epilepsy and other mental traumas. It causes
lightness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, painful erection that lasts long even after you are
done with your activity. It can also lead to arrhythmias and severe chest pain. Common side
effects are nausea, vomiting, vision loss, hearing loss, etc. So, knowing such a long list of side
effects it is not worth the joy of some minutes of your sexual activity.

Climax Control:
So, climax control is allowing you to enjoy your sexual life with full strength without stressing
about the adverse effects.

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(Researcher Lawrencia Flaherty)

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