BCM – 95 Active Curcumin + Liposomal Vitamin C Advanced Formula 180 Tablets,1500mg (Turmeric Rhizome)


  • ♥ BCM-95 Organic Turmeric Curcumin with Liposomal Vitamin C Complex (Total Curcuminoids Complex with In-built essential oils rhizome that boost the delivery of product into the body. STRONGEST and PUREST turmeric supplements. – 20 times more concentrated than culinary turmeric.
  • ♥ Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) Root Powder with In-built rhizome 500mg healthy inflammation response combine with liposomal vitamin C is one of the most proven, well-established and powerful immune boosting, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-pathogenic and anti-toxin nutrient known to man, We use vitamin C constantly and yet many people’s intake falls far short of what they actually need
  • ♥ turmeric can help control inflammation levels within the body. Keeping inflammation levels under control this is well documented to be a key aspect of good health. Liposomal technology is able to increase the absorption of nutrients by capturing the active ingredients inside protective membranes called liposomes.
  • ♥ The tiny liposomal bubbles consist of bi-layers of phospholipid molecules (similar to your own body’s cell membranes), that protect the contents and manage to by-pass the digestive juices to deliver the vitamin C directly to the cells.
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Liposomal vitamin c 500mg Bioflavonoids 100mg BCM Curcumin 500mg Zinc 10mg, B6 2.8mg B12 5ug, BioPerine 10mg


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