Focus-Herbal Smoke Mix Increase Focus & Attention. 100% Nicotine Free. 100% Mixed Herbs. 30 grams.

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Unlock Your Mental Clarity

Introducing our Focus Herbal Smoke Mix, meticulously crafted with a precise blend of Damiana, Gotu Kola, and Red Raspberry to elevate mental clarity and enhance focus. Ideal for those seeking to sharpen concentration and cognitive performance, this blend offers a natural choice to elevate mental acuity without the side effects of traditional stimulants.  Smoke it on its own or customize your experience by mixing it with your favourite herbs.

  • Versatile use in various methods such as rolling cigarettes, herbal vaporizers, herbal pipes, and aromatherapy
  • Potential to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cognitive-enhancing properties for improved mental function and focus
  • Rich in antioxidants, offering neuroprotective benefits
  • Supports respiratory health, ensuring proper oxygenation
  • Aids in mental alertness and clarity
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces nervous tension
  • Soothes the respiratory system for clear breathing
  • Offers calming and soothing effects
  • May aid in managing withdrawal symptoms from smoking

Not only does our herbal smoke mix serve as an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes, but it also offers versatile uses. Whether used with herbal vaporizers, in herbal pipes, or in aromatherapy, this blend provides a multitude of applications beyond cigarette rolling. With its diverse uses, our herbal smoke mix offers a holistic approach to relaxation and mental clarity

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Tin Contains: 30 grams of Herbal Smoke Mix.

 Directions of use:

  1. To roll cigarettes: Take a small amount of the herbal smoke mix and roll it into cigarette papers as you would with traditional tobacco. Adjust the quantity based on your personal preference. Depending on the size of each cigarette and the density of the packing you may be able to roll approximately 30 to 40 cigarettes.
  2. For herbal vaporizers: Use the herbal smoke mix as directed by the vaporizer manufacturer.
  3. For herbal pipes: Place a small amount of the herbal mix in the pipe bowl and use as you would with other herbal smoking blends.
  4. For aromatherapy: Place a small amount of the herbal mix in an aroma diffuser or heat-safe container to enjoy the aromatic properties, providing a natural botanical-derived aromatic experience.

Caution: This herbal mix is intended for adult use only and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any underlying health conditions, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using this product. Use in moderation, as excessive consumption may lead to adverse effects. Avoid operating heavy machinery or driving while under the influence of this herbal smoke mix. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions and seek medical attention if necessary. Store the herbal mix in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients and Their Extraordinary Benefits

  1. Damiana: Damiana is a shrub native to Central and South America. It has been traditionally used as an herbal remedy for its potential to reduce stress and anxiety, induce relaxation, and improve mental function and focus.
  2. Gotu Kola: Gotu Kola, also known as Centella asiatica, is an herb commonly used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It is often praised for its cognitive-enhancing properties, including potential benefits for memory, concentration, and overall brain health.
  3. Red Raspberry: Red Raspberry is a fruit known for its rich antioxidant content. Antioxidants are believed to offer neuroprotective benefits, supporting overall brain health.
  4. Spearmint: Spearmint contains compounds that may help improve cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue. It is often used to support mental clarity and alertness.
  5. Mullein: Mullein has been traditionally used to support respiratory health, which indirectly contributes to mental clarity by ensuring proper oxygenation.
  6. UVA Uris: Uva Ursi is often used to support respiratory health and clear breathing, indirectly aiding in mental alertness.
  7. Skullcap: Skullcap is known for its potential to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation without sedation, potentially aiding in mental clarity and focus.
  8. Marshmallow: Marshmallow contains mucilage which can soothe the respiratory system, supporting clear breathing and indirectly aiding in mental alertness.
  9. Lavender: Lavender is recognized for its calming properties, potentially aiding in stress reduction and mental relaxation.
  10. Motherwort: Motherwort has been traditionally used to promote relaxation and reduce nervous tension, aiding in mental relaxation and focus.

The ingredients in the Focus Herbal Smoke Mix work together to create a synergistic blend that aims to enhance mental clarity and focus while providing a pleasant taste experience.The flavours feature a delicate balance of earthy, herbal notes complemented by subtle hints of mint and floral undertones, resulting in a soothing and enjoyable taste experience.

17 reviews for Focus-Herbal Smoke Mix Increase Focus & Attention. 100% Nicotine Free. 100% Mixed Herbs. 30 grams.

  1. Joe

    Good stuff, i love it

  2. Marcelo

    An absolutely awesome blend , i highly recommend

  3. Bellamy

    I was craving something more then i found this and it’s so nice, it’s my second purchase and i will buy more

  4. Moses

    This blend is incredible, tried it got addicted

  5. Prince Albert

    Firstly, this is an amazing blend simply because it exhibits all the characteristics of a free Nicotine smoke while not being too strong or too harsh on the throat.

  6. Oxford

    Very affordable and quality is top notch , love it.

  7. Ash

    I switch brands a lot and this mix it’s absolutely nice. i love it

  8. Sadex wax

    The best smokes. Smooth, aromatic taste. Great after taste.

  9. Jennifer

    Best harbel cigarette you can smoke, i highly recommend

  10. Jake

    Focus anytime, anyday

  11. Brian

    The Best

  12. Robin

    I use Focus a lot and it’s so convenient, i will keep using it

  13. Jay Johnson

    As I was a smoker I have tried many of the different brands available in the market, but The most beautiful and most smooth cigarette which I had used is Focus it’s one of a kind , I would not recommend cigarette to anyone as this will harm your body but if you are a smoker then you should try this cigarette at least for once.

  14. George

    I like the after taste, awesome !

  15. Lewis

    Very efficient and effective product.

  16. tiger Jones

    I would like to share my experience of smoking this b rand. I have been smoking this cigarette for past 2 years and the quality is still the same
    The best thing with this cigarette is which that it’s light and secondly its worth the price, due to its large size one cannot smoke it on regular intervals it somehow reduces the smoking habit.

  17. Dorothy McClain

    I like this cigarette because it’s very light and just doesn’t hurt your throat that much. The flavor is good and size is also good.

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