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Japanese Smokeless Needle Moxa – 50 pieces


The best quality smokeless needle moxa available.  Ideal in all situations where moxa smoke is a problem. Made from carbonised mugwort blended with entirely natural products, the moxa cones burn steadily and evenly creating a comfortable penetrating warmth for the patient.

Fits both Japanese straight handle needles and Chinese loop top needles. Ultra light weight so it can be used with very fine gauge needles. Easy one touch lighting.

Because of the high quality of the product and manufacturing process there is no problem with the hot moxa ash dropping on to the patient. After burning the cone is easily removed from the needle by simply lifting it off.  Place all spent cones in a moxa ashtray or similar receptacle.

Each cone burns at an average effective treatment heat of 35C for up to three and a half minutes, up to a 20mm radius from the needle. At a radius of 5mm from the needle this time is increased to 5 minutes.

Made in Japan
50 pieces in vacuum packed bag

Watched Video instruction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHdOuUHdtJU




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