Old School – Herbal Smoke Mix. Holistic Releif 100% Nicotine Free. 100% Mixed Herbs. 30 grams

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“Pure Wellness: Embrace the Natural Essence of our Herbal Smoke Blend”

Introducing our premium herbal blend, carefully crafted with organic hemp plant and Damiana herb, renowned for their rich CBD content and potential therapeutic properties. The combination of these natural ingredients offers a holistic approach to wellness, providing potential relief and relaxation to support your journey toward a tobacco-free lifestyle.

  • Rich in CBD, offering potential relief from pain and anxiety
  • Damiana herb known for its potential mood-enhancing and relaxation properties
  • May aid in reducing nicotine cravings and promoting overall well-being

Experience the natural benefits of our herbal blend, whether enjoyed as a smoke alternative, herbal bath, or in aromatherapy. Embrace a sense of peace and clarity as you take a step towards a healthier, balanced lifestyle

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Experience the pure, unadulterated essence of our herbal blend, meticulously crafted to be fluffy, twig-free, and free from chemical additives, offering a natural, mild taste. This carefully curated blend honors a rich history of herbal use, drawing inspiration from ancient traditions where roots and dried leaves were smoked by cultures around the world. Embrace the time-honored practice of herbal smoking with our premium blend, designed to provide a gentle and soothing experience. Whether enjoyed as a smoke alternative, in a relaxing bath, or in aromatherapy, our blend invites you to savor the therapeutic properties of organic hemp and Damiana herb, offering a moment of tranquility and connection to age-old wellness practices.

Tin Contains: 30 grams of Herbal Smoke Mix.

 Directions of use:

  1. To roll cigarettes: Take a small amount of the herbal smoke mix and roll it into cigarette papers as you would with traditional tobacco. Adjust the quantity based on your personal preference. Depending on the size of each cigarette and the density of the packing you may be able to roll approximately 30 to 40 cigarettes.
  2. For herbal vaporizers: Use the herbal smoke mix as directed by the vaporizer manufacturer.
  3. For herbal pipes: Place a small amount of the herbal mix in the pipe bowl and use as you would with other herbal smoking blends.
  4. To use the herbal blend in a bath, follow these instructions: Fill your bathtub with warm water to your desired level. Place a small amount (approximately 1-2 tablespoons) of the herbal blend into a muslin bag or a clean, porous cloth. Submerge the bag of herbal blend into the warm bathwater. Gently swish the bag around in the water to help release the herbal properties. Allow the herbal blend to steep in the bathwater for 5-10 minutes before entering the tub. Once the herbal blend has infused the water, enter the bath and soak for 15-20 minutes to experience the potential relaxation and therapeutic benefits.
  1. For aromatherapy: Place a small amount of the herbal blend in an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer designed for dry herbs. Ensure that the diffuser or vaporizer is clean and dry before use. Follow the specific instructions for your diffuser or vaporizer to add the herbal blend. Turn on the device and allow the herbal blend to heat gently, releasing its aromatic properties into the air. Sit back and breathe in the soothing aroma, allowing the potential mood-enhancing and relaxation properties to take effect.

It’s essential to use caution and follow any specific instructions provided with the herbal blend to ensure safe and effective use in baths and aromatherapy. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, it’s advisable to perform a patch test before use.

Caution: This herbal mix is intended for adult use only and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any underlying health conditions, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using this product. Use in moderation, as excessive consumption may lead to adverse effects. Avoid operating heavy machinery or driving while under the influence of this herbal smoke mix. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions and seek medical attention if necessary. Store the herbal mix in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients and their Extraordinary Benefits

  1. Pure Hemp Herbs Containing 6% CBD : CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis. It’s believed to have various potential therapeutic benefits, including reducing anxiety, alleviating pain, and potentially helping with conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.
  2. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) 0.3%: THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, responsible for the “high” people experience. In this blend, the THC content is very low at 0.3%, which means it’s unlikely to produce psychoactive effects. Some potential benefits of THC at low levels may include pain relief, relaxation, and potential mood elevation.

The potential benefits of this product may include a broad spectrum of potential therapeutic effects, including anxiety reduction, pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and mood enhancement. The high CBD content in the seedless buds may offer potent relief, while the inclusion of Damiana adds a potential boost to overall relaxation and well-being. As with any CBD product, individual responses can vary, and it is advisable to seek advice from a healthcare professional, especially if you have underlying health conditions

18 reviews for Old School – Herbal Smoke Mix. Holistic Releif 100% Nicotine Free. 100% Mixed Herbs. 30 grams

  1. Sharon

    Honestly i couldn’t find any flaw yet and i tried to analyse what is could be missing but i couldn’t find anything, its everything in just the right amount
    I love it

  2. David

    This is a very good, solid, quality smoke

  3. Nath

    I wanted to find a replacement for my normal cigarette and then i found this which is not the same but certainly the best that i have had so far

  4. Jacob

    I smoke a lot of stuff but i like to keep this around for days i want something lighter and the flavor is so nice

  5. Rowland

    Great blend of natural herbs.

  6. Antz

    Wow! This is a really excellent blend with a generous portion nice flavour

  7. Lorenzo

    This cigarette is good for the nerves

  8. Joesph

    This is a good brand, i love it..

  9. Alice

    I enjoy this product a lot, i will buy again!

  10. Evans

    I find this to be best blend that you’ll enjoy than smoking other tobacco

  11. Mcall

    Super good

  12. Harry

    The finest herbal cigarettes

  13. Matt

    Old school is a good stuff, i highly recommend!

  14. Lora

    Excellent mix

  15. Levi

    I have used Old school for long time now and i must say it’s absolute the best

  16. Abraham

    Good packaging

  17. Elena

    This product is one of a kind, i love it

  18. Nisa

    It’s a mellow smoke which provides a highly relaxing and calming experience. With its likable qualities and THC content of 0.3%, it’s highly likely to gain popularity among users seeking a more gentle and enjoyable smoke. ( or who wish to get high). Definitely more effective than the 0.2%.

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