Reishi Spore Extract With Decaf Coffee, Innovative 3-In-1 Shell Broken Reishi

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Reishi Spore Extract with Decaf Coffee, Innovative 3-in-1 Shell Broken Reishi Powder.

  • As the weather gets COOLER LOOK AFTER YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM with a daily Hot drink of Rieshi Spore Extract with Belgium Decaf Coffee,3-in-1 Shell Broken Reishi Powder, blended with Decaf Coffee and Xylitol
  • Xylitol is a sugar alternative sourced from sustainable European Birch & Beech Wood. free from Aspartarme, low glycaemic properties, 40% less calories than sugar


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  • Premium Formula, Gourmet Quality, with Robust-Taste. delicious and healthy coffee beverages give just the right perk you need to JUMP START your day with an aroma and taste you will fall in love with.
  • powerful immune booster, Antioxidant, Anti inflammation, antiviral and kidney cleanse
  • encourage liver detoxification • Strengthen your immune system • stimulates the bone marrow to produce new blood cell • Suitable for Hot drink/ice tea, Smoothies. 100% natural Non-GMO, no preservatives Vegetarian Vegan.

Our 3 in 1 Reishi coffee is sweeten with xylitol. If you are New to Xylitol, Xylitol is 100% Natural sugar alternative Made from European sustainable birch wood. 40% less calories than sugar, significantly less ‘available’ carbohydrates and a GI value of just 7 – nearly ten times lower than sugar. Furthermore it actively helps promote healthy teeth.

This beverage can be consumed by people with diabetic. Reishe spore powder and fruit body is naturally bitter in taste. combining our spore extract with Begium decaf coffee and xylitol has significantly mellow down the bitterness of the mushroom without termparing with the efficiency of the product itself.

Reishi Spores are the most concentrated form of Reishi Mushroom that nature gives us. In fact, it takes around 1000kg of Reishi Mushroom to make 1- 3kg of Reishi Spores!! Reishi Spores can be thought of as the pollen of Reishi which the mushroom uses to reproduce itself so it is in fact the Jing or (Life Essence)

12 reviews for Reishi Spore Extract With Decaf Coffee, Innovative 3-In-1 Shell Broken Reishi

  1. Andrew

    Quality product and great taste

  2. Mercedes

    I got this on recommendation and i feel it’s a great blend, it’s smooth and tasteful

  3. Loren

    Getting this wasn’t a bad idea, it was worth the value spent . i will buy again

  4. Maria chuks

    Love this product .it tastes fantastic and mixes well with sugar alternatives or honey

  5. Percy

    A good kick off for the day, keeps me focused and enegized

  6. Lucas

    My work has a very strong coffee culture and even has an expensive coffee machine at work. After several years in my industry it became the norm to have at least one coffee in the morning and then another after lunch to counteract the afternoon crash that would come. With Reishi i find that it last throughout the day and is a totally different type of energy that it gives me, I used to regularly get heart palpitations after drinking coffee but this product just provides a just provides a kind of constant and consistent energy throughout the day with just one cup in the morning, i will buy more

  7. Edwin

    I have to admit, I had my reservations when ordering. However I was pleasantly surprised upon receipt.
    It’s tastes OK, not too strong or too weak. I will buy more

  8. David

    The best i have had so far, excellent taste and very effective

  9. Greg

    Honestly this product changed the game for me, I have been taking it for a couple weeks now and feel so rejuvenated. I don’t get anxious anymore, I don’t get that afternoon crash or the unsustainable buzz, I feel far more balanced. I also feel so happy knowing that I am getting sooo many benefits from just one cup. I highly recommend.

  10. Mary

    I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It’s refreshing and quite tasty. I will buy more

  11. Debby

    I bought this product to substitute for my morning coffee because it’s beneifits than the normal coffee and i enjoyed , my kids likes it too.

  12. Darling

    I enjoy taking this coffee it’s very satifying

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