Le Classique Organic Herbal Smokable Mix (Therapy Blend) Deep Relaxation Formula Nicotine & Tobacco Free Extra Special Blend, Vaped, or Delicious Tea 30g

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Therapy is our newest herbal smoke formula, ”aka Entourage” not for everyone. just For people looking for taste, flavour and maximum Relaxation. buy. The most exotic herbal vaping formula, don’t take my word for it. Buy now With added Free Gift
Take a journey back to the time of peace, love and happiness with this delicious, uplifting, top notch vaping experience. Celebrating nature.

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Tobacco Substitute, Nicotine free.
100% Natural, No chemical additives.
Mild and Natural taste.
30g when packed.

pure Organic Hemp bud mix
clean twig free blend

19 reviews for Le Classique Organic Herbal Smokable Mix (Therapy Blend) Deep Relaxation Formula Nicotine & Tobacco Free Extra Special Blend, Vaped, or Delicious Tea 30g

  1. Liam Evans

    Brilliant product and very quickly delivery. Recommended Seller and look forward to buying again. Thank you

  2. Kate

    I want to cut down and soon enough kick the habit but atm I still enjoy a roll up so I thought why not mix my tobacco with a herbal that way I’m cutting down and my tobacco will last longer I’ll also get used to the herbal and just end up on that till I’m completely off.

  3. Simon

    I highly recommend it, its only problem is the price that is higher than that of Tobacco!! Clearly you will smoke 1/3 of it compared to before since in fact it has no effect on the body but this does not justify the prices anyway. Too bad because it could help a lot more people quit if it were at a reasonable price.

  4. Collins

    Buy this one for smoking! I’ve tried a few marshmallow leaf products on Amazon, this one is the best so far. This package is mostly leaves, it does not have many stems or stalks, so basically the whole bag can be used for smoking.

  5. Maclean

    It’s a very nice smooth alternative to tobacco.
    I love the packaging. The tin is nice for
    was it’s empty very quickly

  6. Kenneth

    well, this is a nice, I don’t smoke it alone, it’s for mixing, and that’s fine, the taste is not unpleasant, the combustion is slow and stable, the only thing is that it doesn’t come cheap but since I use a pinch a day because it lasts a stupid time, for me it’s right and advisable

  7. Oliver

    Use this for to replace tobacco and find it better value for money. Better than the more expensive ones

  8. Emmanuel

    Absolutely love it and will be buying more

  9. Peterson Oaks

    i have tried a few herbs to stop smoking tobacco over the years and I find this one is quite good It it does not need grinding just bang it in a Riz ad ya Gange roll n smoke After a few spliffs the earning for tobacco eases Am on me 16 th day n still goin strong Good for those wishing to stop tobacco

  10. Philip

    Love the flavor of it

  11. Emerson

    I have to be honest, this product is helping me a lot to stop smoking cigarettes! Clearly it does not give the same satisfaction as normal tobacco (since it does not contain nicotine) but if smoked it is not unpleasant, it does not create a cough, it has a good taste and it helps in situations where it is more the gesture than the nicotine that is lacking.

  12. Daniel

    It a lovely taste you get a decent amount for the price you can’t say much fairer for the same quality.

  13. Lawrence

    i’m ordering again. That’s my testimonial. Also, I’ve substituted tobacco with this mixture, almost entirely and as a consequence, stopped coughing. This plant, marshmallow, is a great cure for all sorts of bronchial problems. The root is the most amazing part as it brings out any flem from the lungs. Leaves in this mixture are very useful too. I’ve stopped coughing and was able to reduce tobacco to a minimum.

  14. Louis James

    Not bad . Looks amazing, smells good, rolls ok. and no nasty taste

  15. franz

    Will use again.

    Good quality in presentation/packaging.

    The herbs are smooth and are a suitable alternative to tobacco.

    Taste is okay, does not over power the roll.

    cheaper than tobacco.

  16. Abram

    wonderful smoke, stem free

  17. Mile

    Love smoking was worried about getting hooked back on ciggies. This is heaven sent and I have bought three different brands and yes this a little not expensive to compare with other brand.

  18. Stanley King

    great alternative to tobacco. Burns nicely and straight down, white ash. The last few deliveries, no sticks in which is a issue with other blend.

  19. Mathew

    this is my medicinal cigarette once or twice a day without needing to go again and again.

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